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CBD oils, CBD lotions, CBD, pain cream

1oz /30ml bottles
1000mg CBD Isolate

500mg Water Soluble CBD

1000mg Full Spectrum 

2000mg Full Spectrum 
1000mg Broad Spectrum
2000mg Broad Spectrum

Directions: Shake and squeeze, hold under tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Graduated child proof dropper provided to increase accuracy per serving assists in increasing or decreasing desired amount for personal needs.

Bioavailability refers to the rate at which your body absorbs the substance into your bloodstream. You want a higher bioavailability rate-absorption under your tongue is much higher compared to edibles that pass through your digestive system. MCT oil is a saturated fatty acid made from coconut oil. It's also known to be one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for your body. Our CBD oil is just made up of two ingredients, CBD oil and USDA certified organic MCT oil-and nothing else. 

All our oils are made from a cannabis hybrid strain. Hybrid strains are a mix of Indica and Sativa strains. Giving you the benefits of both indica and Sativa strains. 

CBD Isolate: no THC, all other parts of the plants are striped away.
CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, 99%. at its highest concentration.

Our CBD isolate is extracted using a method called winterization (followed after the co2 extraction). This rids of all the other elements of the hemp plant such as the fats, waxes and lipids that can come from the leaves, stems etc.. leaving behind only the purest and most natural result.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: whole plant minus THC.
Broad spectrum is similar to isolate CBD oil in the fact that it contains no THC.

Although the THC content is completely removed other elements of the hemp
plant are included. These include other elements of other cannbinoids, flavonoids and terpenes from the leaves and stems. With broad spectrum oil you can experience all of the beneficial cannabinoils from the hemp plant with no THC.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: whole plant plus THC.
Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg & 2000mg. Whole plant plus(+) THC in its legal limit of <0.3%. Contains all the benefits of the whole plant including beneficial terpenes, flavonoids. cannabinoids & plant materials with natural occurring THC. Will NOT cause a "high".

Water Soluble CBD: 

Our water soluble CBD is made with Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate (NDTHC) when combined with a patented emulsification technology. Once combined, the cannabinoids can be dissolved in water and other liquids; meaning increased bioavailability or absorption into the body. The scientific data behind the product is unmatched, proving increased efficacy of a single dose by 4x. The fast acting delivery system allows the CBD to be absorbed by the body within 1-15minutes! Much faster than an oil and almost instantly. Water Soluble CBD does not need to be held under the tongue for 60 seconds.  You just swallow it or add to a beverage or coffee. 

CBD Cream:
3.5oz CBD + Arnica + MSM /Lavender Essential Oil only.
3.5oz CBD + Arnica + MSM /Mixture of 12 essential oils to give a fresh minty
scent (our favorite).

Our cream uses high quality ingredients grown in the USA to provide the best pain relief. It is a fusion of therapeutic forces that combine our proprietary blend not only of CBD but also a blend of nutrients found in arnica and the along with a variety of 100% essential oils. Made exclusively in small handmade batches our results are fast acting cream that is extremely effective on localized joint and muscle pain, inflammation, as well as general soreness and injury recovery.

Arnica is a genus of perennial, herbaceous plant in the sunflower family. It
can decrease pain and swelling associated with bruises, muscle aches and

MSM is an organosulfer compound found in green plants with a variety of
uses. Research has showed that it may help with in reducing pain,
decreasing inflammation, improving skin health, and speeding recovery time
after exercises. .

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. It is a white powder that is extracted
from the hemp plant yielding 99% pure CBD. This combination of three gives us our signature blend of ingredients to give the best results!

CBD Bath Bombs:
Why should you use a CBD bath bomb?
Your skin is the largest organ and is a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids
(CBD). By soaking in the tub, you will as a result, absorb the essential oils and the CBD similar to that of a sponge, making our bath bombs a full body topical application that allows for all over body relief. As your pores open, as a result to the heat of the bath, the CBD covers the skin throughout the entire body rather than a small, localized area. Bath bombs are a great options for those individuals that may suffer from all over muscular soreness associated after a workout or run and those who may have neurological medical conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

Every bath bomb is handmade in small batches with the highest quality
ingredients to give you the best results. Our bath bombs can aid in soothing and
restoring your skin. Simply fill your bathtub with warm water and gently drop the bath bomb into the water. It will begin to fizz filling
the room with the scents of our essential oils.

Essential oils are known to have a wide variety of health benefits. Research has shown that they affect various biological factors in the body that include heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. When used aromatically, essential oils can directly influence areas of the brain that control feelings of tiredness and stress. This allows essential oils to shift your mood when needed.

*Wipe tub after use/do not ingest.

3.5oz 50 mg of CBD isolate each
1. Orange and Ginger: energizing/uplifting (great morning choice)
2. Eucalyptus and peppermint: stress relief, gives a cooling refreshing effect/ nasal decongestant
3. Lavender: relaxing/serenity, promotes sleep